Dr. Gary Haag Koo Self Defense

Martial arts training and philosophy is changing and Koo Self-Defense is in keeping with these changes. In place of the traditional emphasis on forms and style is a much greater concern with developing power and speed for a real street fight situation.

One thinks more like a fighter than someone trying to score points in a competition. Focus mitts and shields are used to develop powerful kicks and punches which are kept simple, natural and effective. There is no "hitting" in the air so the joints are not injured or a false sense of power gained.

Master Roger Koo has kept up with the changes that have occurred with regard to personal fitness and therefore includes an aerobic and yoga stretching session done to music prior to the more intense anaerobic session which follows. Importantly, the rigid hierarchy of traditional styles has been replaced with a more relaxed and accessible structure.

I have done Shotokan and Tae Kwon Do in the past but find I am more effective after a year with Master Koo. In addition, my cardivascular fitness has improved to the point where my resting heart rate is in the high 50's.

I recommend these classes to anyone who wants to learn how defend themselves and get in good shape in the process. Visit the Koo Self Defense Int'l web site for further information.

I became the first medical doctor to achieve a Black Belt (#82 on May 27th, 2000) with Koo Self Defense at their International Headquarters in Dwontown Cartersville, Georgia, USA and performed in the Koo Self Defense Video Library Series A, Tape #12.

Photo taken at my Black Belt Test (From left to right: Lance Clements, Master Koo and me), May 27th, 2000.

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